REST Project Digest and Generic Data Repository


In this installment we will review the progression made through the previous REST-Jersey-JPA-Spring articles. We will also be extending our sample program in two ways.  First we are going to service two tables with a one-to-many association.  The enhancement will present a few new challenges and provide a stronger base for future developments.  Second we […]

Quality Control: get rid of the CRUD and get REST


I know that the title sucks but I’m pretty sure that it will make the entry float to the top in Google (ha!). The title is not all bad as we are looking to extend the project that we have been blogging about. The last instalment was: Extending the CRUD Example Utilizing JAX-B and […]

JSONWithPadding Callbacks: JSON, XML, String and the GenericEntity


I have recently been exploring JSONWithPadding and its’ resolution of types.  JSONWithPadding is defined by Jersey as follows:

An entity supporting JSON with Padding (JSONP).
  If an instance is returned by a resource method and the most acceptable
  media type is one of application/javascript, application/x-javascript,
  text/ecmascript, application/ecmascript or text/jscript then the object
  that is […]

Extending the CRUD Example Utilizing JAX-B and Jersey’s JSON


In the previous article, REST CRUD:Jersey,Spring and JPA, we made a simple example which linked the technologies: REST, Spring, Jersey and JPA. We will take the example a little further, this time, by engaging the services of JAX-B and Jersey’s JSON.  There are some very useful annotations available to quickly make our classes accessible.

Previously when […]

REST CRUD: Jersey, Spring and JPA


This is a follow-up to my previous article Jersey, Spring and JPA.  In this entry we will enhance the functionality of the REST service to include create,  read, update and delete (CRUD) functionality.  Additionally we have provided a HTML page to interact with the REST CRUD application.  The client uses AJAX through the Prototype Javascript library. 

Representational […]

Jersey, Spring and JPA


This article presents an integration of Jersey, Spring and JPA.

Integration is always a challenge.  It can consume a great deal of development time.  I enjoyed reading Paul Sandoz’s article Jersey and Spring.  In this article Paul describes the deployment of the Jersey’s integrated support for Spring.

Here we extends Paul’s project to include a JPA entity.  […]

Integration:JPA, Hibernate, Spring, PMD, Cobertura…

It has been my experience that there are a lot of interesting technologies in the open source world and blogs which illustrate their elegant beauty but what I find is difficult is the integration of these gems. The focus of this blog is two fold:

Integrate a number of open source projects.
Create a web service which […]