Script to Find all Eclipse Projects and Workspaces Under a Directory


When working on many different projects or experiments one often opens a new Eclipse workspace to reduce the clutter in the IDE.  This can sometime lead to misplaced projects.   To resolve this problem here is a script that will search for all the workspaces and projects below the current working directory.



Eclipse workspaces are identified […]

Excel Report Via Simple Java Annotations


This is the second part of the two part series on creating Excel spreadsheets from objects in generic collection classes. In the first part  Excel read-writeable Reports through Generics, Reflection and Apache POI we discussed the core aspects of creating the Excel spreadsheets through the Apache POI library as well as leveraging the benefits of […]

Excel read-writable Reports through Generics, Reflection and Apache POI


In this article we use generics, reflection and Apache POI to construct a general utility to read and write a generic collection of objects to an Excel spreadsheet.

I was recently in a project that required a lot of data to be made available from the object model to both view and modify.  There was already […]

Vaadin Web Application with Jersey REST


It was a pleasure to learn about Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and its ability to remove some of the drudgery from program the presentation layer.  It was even more satisfying to look into Vaadin with it rich CSS and DHTML magic.  This article just skims the surface of Vaadin’s offerings as it is used to […]

Jersey REST Client


In this article we are constructing a simple Jersey REST client API that will be available for use within projects that wish to take advantage of our Company Directory REST web service.  This project is part of the continuing project whose purpose is to integrate technologies various technologies with in a Maven2 build environment.  This […]

Simple GWT Client integrated with Spring built with Maven


In this article we will integrate the SOAP client generated in the article:  Simple Spring-WS Application [with JPA and Jersey REST] into a GWT-Spring web application.  Again we are using Maven2 to build the application.  The web application is broken into to two GWT projects: Server and Web which can be built through a Parent […]

Separation of Concerns: Refactoring of Evolving Project


This article is in relationship to refactoring the SOAP/REST server presented in: Simple Spring-WS Application [with JPA and Jersey REST].

As the project has evolved some ugly coupling has reared its’ head.  In an expedient way the entity classes were annotated with JAXB annotations to make them available for serialization for our REST implementation.  Here the […]

Simple SOAP Client using XMLBeans


In this article we discuss the construction of a client API to the Soap Server constructed in the prervious article: Simple Spring-WS Application [with JPA and Jersey REST].    The product of this client project will be a jar file that can be included as a pom depenency (Maven) to provide easy access to the web […]

Simple Spring-WS Application [with JPA and Jersey REST]


In this article we will add a SOAP service utilizing Spring-WS to our evolving project.  This is a continuing series of articles whose purpose is to provide working examples of technologies integrated in a Spring based web application. Our latest edition will join the previously integrated technologies which include: Jersey (REST), JPA, Hibernate, JavaScript, AJAX […]

A Groovy Rest Client for the JPA, Jersey, Spring Integration Project


In this article we are presenting a simple Groovy client to use with our REST service created in the previous article: REST Project Digest and Generic Data Repository.  In that last article we constructed a REST service that uses JPA/Hibernate in the backend to service a simple Company Directory.  It is a two table one-to-many […]